worship is life

Webster's Dictionary defines Worship as: extravagant respect or admiration for, or devotion to. We at North Glencoe believe that it should be so much more than that! It should be the opportunity for you to encounter God, to respond to Him and to actively offer Him your life. Our worship, using a variety of tools, is focused on one central idea. We plan to communicate that idea so clearly that any worshipper can grasp the idea and apply it to your life.

We celebrate life and you'll see it in our services. You'll find upbeat music, positive messages and friendly people! This ministry is led by a very talented group of volunteers in both our praise team and choir. We also have a gifted group of musicians that makeup our praise band that have a real passion for God!

Our Worship Ministry also plays host to many musicals, dramas, and plays throughout the year. Whether you're interested in singing, acting, running lights or simply love to build sets and be behind the scenes, you'll find out quickly there's a place for everyone in this vital ministry!

volunteer & serve

Our Worship ministry would not be what it is without the support of volunteers who sacrifice their time each week to make it great! We're always looking for new volunteers to join us who have a passion for this type of ministry. 

If you or someone you know may be interested in helping out, please contact our Worship Pastor, Mark Minton mark@northglencoe.org to find out how you can get involved!