a foundation for life

KidCity is a great place for children to build a foundation of faith for the rest of their lives. Our leaders are dedicated to making the most of fun environments with engaging activities that help lay this foundation each week. You can also feel secure with our children's check-in system which provides security for each of our weekly KidCity services. KidCity is divided into 3 ministry areas based on ages/grades which are listed below. 

We invite you & your family to come see what's happening this week at KidCity!


infants to 3 year olds

Ittybitty city

More than just a nursery, IttyBitty City is a place where the cornerstone of faith in Christ begins. This area of KidCity also serves as a ministry for parents who need a lending hand in not only childcare, but also in raising their family built on a relationship with Christ. 

Events happen often each month to help parents with this mission. 

To find out if one is happening this month, check out our Featured Events page on our website.

4 & 5 year olds


As children grow out of their 'IttyBitty' years, their attention shifts to more interactive ways of learning. At MidTown, children are introduced to engaging teaching centered around the gospel in fun & interactive environments . MidTown serves as a great transition for children who are on the brink of some of the most important years of their lives. 

Activities are also scheduled throughout the year for this age group. Check out our Featured Events page to see if there's one coming up this month for MidTown.

1st to 5th grades


UpTown is our last but certainly not least area of KidCity. It's a place where the term 'children' can be used loosely & kids can truly be kids! UpTown features exciting worship along with small group times which often include games, crafts & more that are all centered around a main teaching theme from God's Word. These are possibly the most teachable years in a child's life and we do our best to capitalize on that opportunity with a loving heart. Your kids are sure to enjoy learning more about what a life lived for Jesus is all about! 

Activities are also scheduled often for UpTown. Find out if there's one coming this month on the Featured Events page.


come have fun with us!

volunteer & serve

KidCity would not be what it is without the support of loving volunteers who sacrifice their time each week to make KidCity great! We're always looking for new volunteers to join us who have a passion for children. If you or someone you know may be interested in helping out, please contact KidCity Director, Donna Huff by email at donna@northglencoe.org.