palm sunday potential

severe weather


We have been closely monitoring the possible severe weather which is forecasted for tomorrow and currently have decided to cancel all Sunday morning Bible Studies that regularly meet at 9am. We will have our regular morning worship service at 10am. However, we encourage everyone to closely monitor the weather and would never ask anyone to put themself or their family in harm's way. We strongly advise that everyone have their severe weather plan in place, and in the event that inclement weather does come, shelter in a safe place such as a basement or storm shelter. If you are a volunteer scheduled to serve this Sunday and do not feel safe doing so, simply contact your ministry leader and let them know you cannot make it. Remember, do not put yourself or family in harms way.

Once again, we will not have Sunday morning Bible Study at 9am but will have our morning worship service at 10am.Stay tuned in to your local weather source and our social media/website for any updates. You can also check out the Gadsden/Etowah County Emergency Management Agency website for tips in handling severe weather events.