growing together

Small is big in the church world. Let's face it, it's easy to feel disconnected or lost in the shuffle of just regular Sunday morning worship. With small groups, individuals can build community and be cared for in an effective and meaningful way. Small groups are a proven way to improve spiritual growth and create a sense of community in a fast-paced world. Whether you're young or old, married or single, or anything in between, there's a small group for you!

Most small groups meet each Sunday morning @ 9am to 9:45am all around our church campus. However there are a few also available during the week. All of our current small groups are listed below along with where & when they meet. We hope to see you this week!




Children’s Bible Studies (PreK-5th Grade)

@ KidCity led by KidCity Staff

'Identity' Youth 6th-12th Grade, Co-Ed

@ The Warehouse led by Youth Leadership

College & Career Bible Study

@ Trailer 403 led by Max & Sherrie Grizzard

(ages 18 & above, both single & married)

Friends in the Fight

@ Trailer 100 led by Anne Harrison

(Young ladies, open to all ages)


@ Conference Room led by Nancy Harrison

(Adult ladies mostly age 60 and above)

Healing Hearts

@ Trailer 201 led by Faye Whitehead

(Adult ladies age 55 and above)

Ladies III

@ Trailer 204 led by Jennifer Long

(Adult ladies ages 50 and above)

Ladies Journey Through the Bible

@ Trailer 401 led by Judy Brown

(Ladies ages 18 and above)

Men I

@ Main Office led by Don Smith

(Senior Adult Men)

Jim Battles Class

@ Trailer 404 led by Joe Cothran

(Adult men ages 50 and above)

Men’s Bible Fellowship

@ Trailer 301 led by David Holmes

(Adult men ages 30 and above)


@ Middle School Room led by Cathy King

(Co-Ed of all ages, both single & married)

Young Seekers

@ Trailer 302 led by Cassie Skaggs

(Co-Ed of all ages, both single & married)


@ MidTown Worship Room led by Ron Hayes

(Co-Ed of all ages, both single & married)

Evidence Based Evangelism

@ Trailer 402 led by Nina Dunton

(Co-Ed of all ages, both single & married)

Singles for Christ

@ Gathering Area led by Patty Mayo

(Co-Ed of all ages, never married & divorcees)

Christianity 101

@ Worship Center led by Frank Harrison

(Co-Ed of all ages, both single & married)

Keeping it Real

@ Trailer 202 led by Jeff Little

(Adult men of all ages)

The Struggle is Real

@ Trailer 304 led by Denise Higginbotham

(Adult ladies of all ages)